Monday, April 04, 2005

A Breath of Fresh Air

Tired of all the palp that passes for music within Christian circles? Then check out Jason Coghill, a gifted musician from Australia who not only has talent, but also a keen theological mind and a heart for using his gifts according to the Word of God. Bio from his website states:

In 1995 Jason, together with Matthew Jacoby and Rod Gear formed the band Sons of Korah, now an internationally renowned acoustic trio dedicated to composing music to the psalms. Jason left the band to pursue a solo career, composing, arranging and producing recordings of the psalms in various musical and acappella styles. He continues in this and also teaches singing at senior college level.
Jason leads the singing at the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia in Geelong, where he is also a deacon. In 2000, at age 28, he graduated from the Reformed Theological College, Geelong, with a Diploma of Theology. Jason is married to Jane who is also a musician currently studying at Melbourne University.
Jason has written an excellent essay entitled "Entertain Evangelsim: And never the twain shall meet" (posted on his website) which asks tough questions of the current CCM scene. He argues that specific goals require specific means, and then asks why we have rock concerts if our stated purpose is to evangelize the lost. The Word of God nowhere calls for the employment of music as a means of why are we thinking that our modern Christian rock bands will be an effectual means of bringing salvation to sinners? I commend the essay to you for your careful and prayerful read.
Where does Jason's music fit in? I would suggest it is in the category of edification. Like good theological conversation over a nice meal or a good cup of coffee, Jason's music is both pleasing to the senses and spiritual uplifting. He has worked at setting the Psalms...word-for-word out of the English translations (mostly NIV and NKJV) appropriate music so that Christians might hide them in their hearts and have them on their minds.
The style is basically a melodic acoustic-folk...mostly just Jason and his guitar, but also some flute (played by his wife Jane Jacobs), some bass, and some harmonies. Many of my friends who have purchased his most recent CD, "Songs of Deliverance", are saying that it is "the best Christian music" they "have ever heard." I concur with this assesment and I am very picky when it comes to music.
Go to his website, read the mission statement, read the reviews, read his articles... Buy his latest CD and then eagerly await the release of a new one in July.

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