Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not Too Funny...At All

So here is the story today...
WINSTON-SALEM N.C. (AP) — Golfer John Daly was taken into custody Sunday morning by Winston-Salem police after he was found drunk outside an area Hooters restaurant. Police said in a statement Wednesday that said officers went to the restaurant on a medical call. When they arrived, Daly was being treated by emergency workers after losing consciousness. While at the restaurant, police said Daly "appeared extremely intoxicated and uncooperative," refused repeatedly to be taken to the hospital and was asked to leave the restaurant by several workers. Daly was taken to the Forsyth County Law Enforcement Detention Center for a 24-hour stay, until he was sober.
...but here was the story 'yesterday'
Daly once claimed that he drank a fifth of Jack Daniel's every day during the year he was 23 years of age, and the various reported incidents include being removed from a British Airways airplane by airport security for harassing a flight attendant while drunk. He has entered into various alcohol addiction programs, including the Betty Ford Clinic, at least three times, and has experienced three divorces since becoming a professional golfer.
Fame? Fortune? Success?
"What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and yet loses his soul." Jesus

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Knee & Me (Running Schedule/Goals) I guess I did something to my knee running Palo Duro.  It didn't hurt the entire run, but the next morning I felt like I had wacked in on a bruise.  My wife, who is a highly skilled massage therapist, says I probably bruised a tendon and it just needs to rest.  That is fine, but I am itching to run!

In fact, I still plan to run the Pikes Peak Marathon route before the end of the year, only because I want to run the two, North American, marathons with the highest and lowest points respectively-Pikes Peak and Death Valley-in a single year.  This knee thing though is slowing me down right now...

I ran about 9 miles in the Garden of the Gods yesterday with my wife, but it bugged me all day.  I ran about 3 miles last Saturday, and I could feel it then too.  I thought that with almost a week off since the 50K, I would be good to go, but today my knee feels like it did the day after Palo Duro...?  I might try to take a whole week off of any running at all, have Elke work on it, and see if that wont get me through this right now.

I plan to solo/self support the Pikes Peak run, stashing a few fuel drops on the way up, and, taking advantage (by way of a few dollars in cash), of Barr Camp and the snack bar at the summit (this will be one time I am glad it is there).  I should be able to get'r done in about 6 hours.  The big question is whether or not the dog (Ezra) can make this run.  He normally does about 5-15 miles at a time with me, but I am not sure that he can do 26.2 of moutain running.  He is going on 8 years old, but acts like he is 3.  So immature...

(Not) Like Father; Like Son

I hope that this is over a theological disagreement, and that Robert A. (the son) is interested in actually moving in a Christian direction (Robert H.-the famous father-is a heretic along the lines of the ancient heretic Pelagius)... is the story:

GARDEN GROVE, California — Crystal Cathedral founder Reverend Robert H. Schuller has removed his son as preacher on the church's weekly "Hour of Power" syndicated TV broadcast.

Schuller said in a statement read to some 450 congregants Saturday by church president Jim Coleman that he and his son, Robert A. Schuller, "have different ideas as to the direction and the vision for this ministry."

"For this lack of shared vision and the jeopardy in which this is placing this entire ministry, it has become necessary for Robert and me to part ways," Schuller said.

Robert A. Schuller will remain as senior pastor of the Crystal Cathedral, though it was unknown whether he will continue to preach, a church spokesman told the Los Angeles Times.

The elder Schuller said in the statement that he was bringing in guest pastors to preach during the show.

Church officials did not return messages left Saturday seeking comment from Robert A. Schuller and details about what prompted the schism between him and his father.

Robert H. Schuller had turned over the church ministries and the "Hour of Power" TV program to his son during an emotional service at the Crystal Cathedral in January 2006.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Protestant Reformation (Part 2)

There were two main products, or recoveries that come from the Reformation:  The Gospel and pure Worship.  And while most RIGHTLY look back to the Reformation as a time when the Church recovered a clear articulation of the doctrine of justification by faith alone, it is in fact, John Calvin in his, The Necessity of Reforming the Church, who argues that even as important as justification by faith alone is, it is still the pure worship of God that is the most important.

Rome had polluted both the Gospel and the Worship of God by adding to what God had given.  In the Gospel, they made the fatal error of putting sanctification (i.e. the process of becoming more righteous) before justification (i.e. the declaration of the verdict 'not guilty').  This effectively turned justification, which biblically is a singular, one-time, ACT, into a PROCESS.  And particularly a process that conditioned justification upon a persons righteousness.  That is, we must first be sanctified in order to be justified.

But the glorious truth of the Gospel is that God justifies the UNGOLDY.  It is "good news" to sinners...not to saints.  People who are well do not need a physician...but those who are sick do.  Jesus came to seek and save the lost.  But Rome had said that salvation is something that you must work out and attain to.  The Reformation recovered the free grace of the biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And, as with the Gospel, the Reformation recovered pure worship, meaning, that they took away all the additions that had been added to what God had given.  The smells and bells, the new inovations that sought to make the worshipper feel like he or she was in the presence of God, etc.  The rule of worship that the Reformers found in Scripture is that we should only do what God commmands.  That is, whatever is not commanded is forbidden to be added to our worship.

This was a great relief to those who desired to draw near to God on His terms, but were greatly hindered by Romes props, etc.  Jesus called for worship that was in Spirit and Truth, and this is what the Reformation sought to return to.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A New Hero!

Not really...not at all.  But, I do find this funny.  I also think it is amazing that in this day and age, in light of all that is allowed to be said out there-all the religion 'bashing' that goes on in the name of 'free speech'-that the gays would get a serious ear from anyone on this.  Why, when believers are mocked, is it not contributing to "a climate of intolerance"?  But, when an 82 year-old comedian says something that is really funny, we're supposed to hold our cap in hand and show contrition...?

I was in New Zealand 20 years ago and I remember joking with friends there then about how 'gay' cricket seemed.  So when I heard that Lewis said, "Oh, cricket? It's a fag's game. What are you, nuts?" I busted up laughing my head off! 

I think he should counter-complain against the GLAAD gays for slurring his comments as, "cheap homophobia".  That's just plain mean.  I think they are being really irresponsible by saying that about him.  I think they might have hurt his feelings by saying that...


Here is the news report: 

CANBERRA, Australia — Veteran comedian Jerry Lewis is under fire again for making an anti-gay slur on Australian television similar to one he apologized for using on his annual U.S. telethon a year ago.The 82-year-old King of Comedy dropped the slur when he was asked by a Network Ten national TV reporter following a press conference in Sydney on Friday for his opinion on the Australian nation sport of cricket.

"Oh, cricket? It's a f— game. What are you, nuts?" Lewis replied.

The network broadcast the comment in full on its Friday evening news bulletin along with footage of Lewis handling an imaginary cricket bat with an effeminate gesture.

Lewis apologized in September last year for using the term "illiterate f---" in Las Vegas during his annual Labor Day telethon that raises money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

In a statement released a day later, he described the slur as a "bad choice of words."

New York-based media discrimination watchdog Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD, called for Lewis to again apologize.

GLAAD president Neil G. Giuliano said in a statement that "in an effort to be humorous, he has once again managed to offend and defame the gay community."
"For someone so well-known for helping others, Mr. Lewis shows an incredible lack of dignity and respect when he makes comments that contribute to a climate of intolerance," Giuliano added.

The Australian Coalition for Equality, a gay rights group, also called for an apology.

"Mr. Lewis is widely admired by many people for his talent and his charity work, so his words carry great weight," coalition spokesman Rodney Croome told The Associated Press on Saturday.

"He owes an apology to the gay community, to cricketers and to comedians for debasing their trade with his cheap homophobia," Croome added.

The comedian's Australian spokeswoman, Julie Cavanagh, said Saturday that Lewis did not intend to comment.

Lewis held Friday's press conference to promote his latest stage show that is touring Australia. It is a retrospective of his career that includes show tunes with a 24-piece band, excerpts from his scores of movies and television shows, and his trademark slapstick comedy.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hundreds of Marathon Runners May Be Stranded in Heavy Mountain Flooding

LONDON — Mountain rescue teams were searching for stranded competitors Saturday after an elite marathon was called off because of heavy rain, flooding and high winds.

The athletes were competing in the Original Mountain Marathon, a two-day race across rough country in Britain's Lake District, about 300 miles north of London. High winds and heavy rain affected much of northwest England on Saturday.

According to the marathon's Web site, the race was called off just after noon Saturday. It's unknown how many people are stranded in the mountains."It is impossible to say how many people are up there because there is no mobile (phone) reception," said Bob Liddell, a member of a local mountain rescue team. "I don't believe the organizers will have been able to account for everyone at this stage."

Liddell said rescue teams would not be using Royal Air Force search-and-rescue helicopters because of the wind.

In a statement, Cumbria Police said about 840 people had taken shelter in four different locations in the area, including a school, farm, and outdoor center.

"The competitors are mainly seasoned mountaineers, and are expected to be carrying suitable equipment to cope with adverse weather," the release said.

The Original Mountain Marathon Web site says the race was founded in 1968. Teams are "totally self-supporting," and competitors do not carry global positioning systems or mobile telephones, the Web site says.

Competitors race in pairs and carry their tents, clothing and enough food for 36 hours.

"The ethos of the event is to be totally self-reliant, in the wilds, carrying all equipment, no outside support," the Web site says.

"The event is for experienced fell (large hill) runners and everyone should have been able to cope," said Shane Ohly, who spoke to the BBC after completing the race. He said that if competitors got into difficulty they should be able to get into their tents to ride out any bad weather.

Mark Weir, who manages a mine in the area, said he had sheltered about 300 athletes.

"The weather is absolutely horrendous and it's a scene of chaos up here," he said.

The Web site, which filed reports on the race, said conditions had deteriorated throughout the afternoon.

"It seems likely many of those retiring will have to spend the night in whatever shelter they can find ... and everyone will have to wait until the rain stops and the waters subside," the Web site said.

None of the race organizers were immediately available for comment.

According to local hospitals and rescue services, more than a dozen people were treated for minor injuries and mild hypothermia.

The Protestant Reformation

The Reformation was an amazing time in the history of the Christian Church.  All at the same time it was a rebuke, a recovery, and a rupture.  Rome had blown it and needed rebuking.  The Gospel had been buried and needed recovering.  But, neither of these necessities could happen without struggle, pain, and consequences...a rupture.  On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther nailed 95 theses on the church door in Wittenburg, Germany, and never again would the world be the same.  From that hammer blow came Calvin, Zwingli, and Knox; the clearest articulation of the Gospel of free grace ever formulated by the Church; the purest manner of worship after the Apostles.  But today, as we sit back and ponder the finer points of theology, we forget that the Reformation struggle, which America owes its' existance from, was one to the death.  These were not the days of endless and meaningless Ph.D.s, prolific self-publishing and self-promotion, or internet chat groups.  When you came to a conviction, it would most likely mean your life.  This is why I tend to trust the Reformers more than today's psuedo-scholars.

More to come...


Monday, October 20, 2008

2008 Palo Duro Trail Run 50K

Well, I did my first "ultra" this past Saturday in Palo Duro Canyon State Park, TX.  We loaded the kids in 'Vanmorisfun' (our '90 VW Westfalia Camper), and drove down through New Mexico for a very quick weekend.  We camped in the canyon with a few of the guys and families from C.R.U.D. (Coloradians Running Ultra Distances), and were totally attacked by bugs!  That part was lame...

...the race began at 7:00am, and we ran the first hour in the dark by headlamp.  I made the mistake of going to the back of the pack, instead of positioning myself more in the middle.  I ended up having to risk ankle-twisting, as I was passing people for the first 2-3 miles of single-track in the dark.  After about 2 miles I caught Teddy from C.R.U.D., who seemed to be fighting to get past slow-pokes as well, and ran with him for about 6 miles 'til he dropped me (he ended up winning the masters-over 50-division)!

The next 10 miles or so, my stomach gave me problems.  I had to keep my pace down or else I would almost barf.  On top of that, I kept feeling like one of the safety pins holding my number on was scratching me.  I looked down, and I had a big, red, blood stain around my left (white tech) shirt had rubbed off the ends of my nipples.  I took my shirt off and ran the rest of the race shirtless, which given the hot weather, was just fine.  The nausia kept up, but finally, at about mile 25, I got my tummy back and was able to finish the last 6 miles pretty strong.  I finished at 6:15, which is really slow, but it was great to see that I could do this distance pretty reasonably, and, that longer races are possible for me.

We ended up getting back to Amarillo, TX for church on Sunday morning and visited the Orthodox Presbyterian Church there.  We had a great time of worship and fellowship with them, and ate lunch at the church building with the congregation. 

I am already looking forward to hopefully running the 50 miler next year, and getting back to the church there in Amarillo.  I also look forward to running and learning more with the C.R.U.D. guys. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Exercise 10/06-10/11

Monday 10/06- Ran 9 miles in the Garden of the Gods

Wednesday 10/08 Biked 2 miles

Thursday 10/09-Ran 6 miles in the Garden of the Gods

Friday 10/10-Biked 10 miles

Saturday 10/11-Ran 6 miles in the Garden of the Gods

Total Running: 21 miles

Total Biking: 12 miles

Other: 0


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Exercise 9/27-10/4

Saturday 9/27-Ran 6 miles in the Garden of the Gods

Monday 9/29-Biked 2, Ran 19 miles in the Garden of the Gods

Wednesday 10/1-Biked 10 miles

Thursday 10/2- Ran 10.5 miles at Rampart Res.

Satuday 10/4-Biked 10, hiked 2.5 Mt. Cutler

Total Running: 35.5

Total Biking: 22

Other: 2.5

Running in 2008 & 2009

In a few weeks, I will be attempting my first true "ultra" marathon, the Palo Dura 50k trail run.  I actually have my sights on a 50 miler next year (actually, Palo Dura also has a 50 miler simultaneous with the 50k but I am not ready for that yet), so this will be a good test and revealer of where I am right now.  Thus far this year, I have run the Death Valley All Trail Marathon (Feb.), the Pikes Peak Ascent (August), the Imogene Pass Run (Sept.), and, Palo Duro (Oct.) will do it for the year.  Next year I hope to run Death Valley again (Feb.), Greenland 50k (Apr.), the Collegiate Peaks 25 miler (Apr.), and, if schedules work out right, the Great Wall Marathon in China (May)!  Then, later in the year, I hope to do the 50 mile version of Palo Dura...

...we'll see!