Thursday, April 28, 2005

Barbie Meets Jesus: Part 2

The following is from my good friend Jack Smith at the Banner of Truth. Commenting on the "Barbie Meets Jesus" article he writes:

I think this may be the same company that introduced the (and I shiver as I write this) bobble-head Jesus, Moses, and David dolls at the (another shiver) Christian Booksellers Association convention last year. There was also a (shiver) God action figure dressed in a white robe with white shoulder length hair. He apparently takes steroids and is a weight lifter.The last figure I mentioned comes bubble packed with an AK-47. I would encourage ... prayers ... for the abominable state of (shiver) Christian publishing. The only vendor that I'm aware of that has been rejected from participating at the CBA trade show was a manufacturer of(shiver) Christian lingerie. CBA was quite proud of themselves for taking this noble stand.

Maybe if we can get Barbie to wear some of the new "Christian" lingerie she could pass for a Christian and we could then have her come and address the CBA convention next year!

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