Thursday, March 31, 2005

Fighting Fire With Fire

I recieved an email today from Vision Video advertising a video for "reaching the post-modern generation" ( It is entitled, "The Changing Face of Worship", and the information about it states:

Today's Christian churches face the challenge of existing in a postmodern world,
in which all principles are questioned,
all opinions and beliefs are proclaimed equally valid
-if not equally true-
and everything is considered relative.
Throughout North America,
a rapidly growing movement known as 'alternative worship' is addressing this challenge.
This program explores the changing expressions of modern-day worship
as churches use visual arts,
edgy music,
or even a chat room online
to offer experiences that are both
culturally relevant and theologically responsible.

It is pathetic that the church has decided to 'address' the notion of post-modernism, that ' relative', by accepting that very thesis and applying it to the arena of worship. Worship, which is supposed to be addressed to the infinite, unchanging, eternal, God-wherein we are to be conformed into His image and likeness-is now being purported to be a mirror in the hand of the church to simply reflect whatever the culture around her might dictate. We are more afraid of being irrelevant than irreverant; more afraid of offending the world than offending God. It is abundantley clear that we 'worship' our culture...not our God.

I hope that those who purchase this video will weep and repent at the sad state of the Bride of Christ, as she has played the whore with the world and filmed it for all to see. God have mercy upon us.

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