Monday, December 22, 2008

Hope For The Knee

I have still been sore in my knee after even a short 3 mile run. I tried resting for a couple weeks, but it came right back. I started reading on the internet about something called "bursitis" and I think it is what I have. There are these little sacks of fluid in all our major joints that are there to help us keep from injuring ourselves when over worked. I think that I have enflamed one of these sacks in my knee joint, and it keeps swelling every time I go running. This causes a bit of pain while I run, an especially after as my muscles stiffen up.

I think that I am deficient in the fluids that keep us lubricated in the joints and so I have been taking Glucosemene and Chondroitin, and I ran today with my daughter and finally had no pain.