Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why Christians are Hated in Modern America

It is no secret that hostilities are mounting against Christians in America. In a recent article by a conservative Rabbi at WorldNetDaily, there was an impressive list of books that evidence the growing disdain and assualt on the "Religious Right". But why? What is going on?

The answer to why Christians are hated in America is no doubt complex, but I would like to forward one contributing reason. To set the stage for the answer, I would like you to image for a moment a scene from high school.

Think about the "cool crowd". Remember the "in-crowd" and how they acted like they were the only ones that mattered? Think about how important being "cool" was to them all. Recall how what they wore, what they listened to, what they were into, how they talked, was so important to them...they acted like they owned the various things they were into and they dispised anyone else who dared to try to enjoy the things that they liked...

...Now think about some uncool kid trying to fit in with the "in-crowd". Think about his pathetic attempts to be like them...act like them, talk like them, dress like them. He follows them around and for a while they simply laugh at him and make fun of him...but he doesn't go away. Now he is annoying them and infringing on their "cool".

Now, do you remember the cool kids liking the fact that this geek was trying to imitate them and be like them? Did they just shrug off the fact that he was infringing on their "cool"? No. They begin to hate him and openly ridicule him and sometimes even beat him up...

All in all the entire scene is sad: both the cool kids and the geek. The cool kids are so superficial and self-important, as if their music or their clothing really mattered. How ridiculuous and childish to think that others can't be into the same stuff as you are... And the geek is sad too, trying to be like these kids who aren't worth emulating. He thinks that he will be someone if he is like them, when in fact, if he actually attains his goal and becomes like them and they accept him...he will have gained nothing of value...become a nobody...will have lost his soul.

Are you beginning to get the picture? American non-Christians are the "cool" kids. The Church in America is the "geek kid". They hate us and are publicly ridiculing us because we have not gone away. We have pressed in and "stolen" their culture. We copy everything they do and try to be like them at every turn...and they despise us for it.

Yet we think that they want us to be like them, and in fact we have the stupid idea that if we pretend to be like them, they will ultimately realize that they should actually be like us! But what is "us". We have done nothing but tell them by our geeky following of them, that they in fact are who we want to be like. We esteem them and are trying to be like them! How are they ever going to understand that we think they should be like us when we only copy them?

Christians are hated in modern America because when modern America looks out the window at the Church, it sees a geek trying to be cool, and now it is getting annoying.