Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Freudian Christianity

[NOTE: The brief comments I originally posted with this link (they were up less than 24 hours) were confusing in that it seemed I was potentially slandering Wilson with the accusation of being liberal and loose in his stance towards cussing and drinking. I regret any confusion on that matter that I may have caused. My intention was to note a connection on an entirely different level.]

The following article by Carl Truman is excellent...


...he puts his finger on the particularly American problems of independency and novelty that have spawned such "children" as Doug Wilson and the Federal Vision. In saying this I am not making a connection between the practical symptoms that Truman chooses to address (cussing and drinking) and Doug Wilson (I do not know his practice in either of these areas). The connection I see between the article and Wilson, and the FV, is in Truman's observation that, “I would extrapolate and say that some of the least attractive aspects of the modern Reformed world in particular can be fruitfully studied from the perspective of Oedipal rebellion against parents.”

Well worth the time it takes to read...