Monday, July 04, 2005

The Necessity of Observation in Metaphysics and the Impossability of Erasing

This post and the next are merely musings in fields that I do not have any expertise in. I just wonder/wander about (stuff), and think it is worth writing down in the hope that someone who is an expert in the field might pick it up and go with it or else show me the impossability of the thesis. These will be short and unelaborated upon...

If metaphysically, something must be observed to actually exist (see quantum physics), then I wonder about the "impact" of the observer on reality. If there is some kind of "impact", I wonder if there would be some way to detect and measure the impact. In other words, like a path in the woods, that which is well traveled will exist long after it is no longer traveled. In fact, ancient trade routes are even now being mapped from infrared satellite imaging since the impact of their making was significant, their reality could not ultimately be 'erased'. Thus I wonder if we will not be able to read impact of all sorts some day. Like an event that happened in a room: Could we reconstruct it based on the impact of observing beings that were there? Could it be that we can never actually erase reality, but rather we only layer it on? Could we peel back layers of reality in a certain specified area and actually re-see the earlier reality?

It seems that everything from crime scene investigation, to historiography would be impacted by this ability, and thus nothing done in secret would be able to remain hidden. Although I wonder if this theory is possible, and even think that it is, I do not at all think that it impacts the reality of the supernatural and the eschatological judgement of God when He, by the working of His own supernatural power, will expose reality for all to see as He judges the thoughts and intentions of every man. Just because I can, via radio wave or cable or satellite, see what is going on on the other side of the world right now, this is not even in the same category as the omniscience of the God of Scripture.

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